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April 24, 2013 in Blog

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Hi carbon challengers!

I just wanted to write a quick hello, as I’ve taken over from Mark in supporting the Carbon Challenge project here at the Canberra Environment Centre.

After four years working on federal climate change programs, I’ve recently returned to study (graphic design) and am enjoying the change of pace to student life.

I’m excited to have the opportunity to work at a more grass-roots level here at the environment centre. One of the things I particularly like here is the cloth nappy library (yes, I am getting to that stage in life), and encourage you to come in and check it out.

I think the Carbon Challenge is a great program, and did it myself late last year, setting up my first ever vegie garden just in time for a great summer crop. Now that the temperatures are dropping I’ve also been thinking more about doing some sealing and insulating of our house, because our gas bill was a bit of a shock after winter last year.

Feel free to contact me if you’ve any questions about the Challenge. I’d particularly love to hear how you are finding the Carbon Challenge and if you have any suggestions for similar programs in the future.

Have a sustainable rest of the week!

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  1. Hey @Ecoaction (Hannah)… welcome!

    I haven’t quite started on my sealing air leaks challenge, but I found this cool competition on see-change’s website to find Canberra’s coldest house! I’m thinking I could enter that – my house is definitely needing some warmth improvements.


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