And the new leaders are…

May 1, 2013 in Blog

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Now that the Challengers who started in December or January last year have finished, the leader board is looking very different! You might be surprised who has made it into the new top ten, here it is:

1 @March 1470 seeds
2 @aerarium 1170 seeds
3 @Marg51510 900 seeds
4 @Elleven 520 seeds
5 @GreenArno 420 seeds
6 @Sarah 220 seeds
7 @Redsista 140 seeds
8 @marklight 130 seeds
9 @cdm_challenge 120 seeds
10 @JayG 120 seeds

This final round is wide open for any one of you to win our great prizes.

To help you along, we’re offering 200 POINTs for any online activity completed by midnight 7th May! That includes an update, comment or new blog – so easy!

To help you along, here’s a couple of tips to help you pile on those points:

If you want to comment on anyone’s post but can’t see an option, click on their name and select ‘comment’ from their activity list.

And, for those who are new to the Carbon Challenge, here’s a guide to blogging in three easy steps:
1 – log in
2 – click on your user name on the right hand side of the screen
3 – select ‘write blog’ from the buttons underneath your user name. Easy!

Good luck!

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