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Winter gardens

May 21, 2013 in Blog


Does anyone have tips or experience with protecting frost-sensitive plants? I put in some citrus and a tamarillo during summer, and I’ve set up some plastic covers for them, but wondering if there’s anything else I can do.

It seems good mulching could reduce the frost damage to roots. I also came across a suggestion that old bricks could be used to build a mock-wall and create a micro-climate on the south side of trees… Has anyone already tried this?


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  1. Jackie French writes a lot about planting in groves. I think the idea is that trees shelter each other and provide micro-climates. It might be a bit more long term, but here’s a link in case you’re interested (oh, and she lives nearby to Canberra, so a lot of her examples are very relevant) http://www.jackiefrench.com/groves.html

  2. Hi @Elleven and @March
    Those are both great links! I would also recommend the COGS (Canberra Organic Growers) planting guide for winter:

    It is also a great time to divide rhubarb, plant asparagus, divide/plant strawberries and put in any bare-root deciduous fruit trees or vines! And of course, there’s also preparing the ground for next summer’s crops and building up your compost.

    Happy gardening!

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