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Honeycomb blinds – efficient window option?

June 19, 2013 in Blog


Hi everyone

I’ve been doing some digging around the most efficient window dressings, and it seems that honeycomb blinds might be the best option… That seems to make sense to me, as they create an additional air-pocket stopping cold air transfer from the window. I haven’t been able to find a company that installs them with side tracks (to block out air coming around the side), but I think I might be able to retrofit something myself.

Has anyone else had good experience with blinds or other window-retrofitting options? Suggestions on most cost-effective solution?

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  1. Fixing the windows is an expensive job! As far as cost-effectiveness, I’ve sealed up the gaps around some of my windows & the frames… it’s great not feeling the outside air waft in directly.

    Also, in terms of priorities, I think insulation in roof and walls, plus sealing air leaks around the house, are better to do before windows (i.e. you get more results for your money/effort).

  2. Thanks @Elleven. Actually we installed ceiling insulation last year. I think its working too, because our roof is very frosty in the mornings – someone told me that if your roof is frosty in the mornings its a good sign, because the hot air isn’t escaping from the house (and warming the roof).

    It is a bit of work to fix the windows, but the existing curtains in the house are quite old and we don’t have pelmets, so it would be both an aesthetic and an energy improvement – I think that’s a win!

  3. Hi @Elleven and @March

    Great to hear you’re making progress! If you’re looking for advice on windows, the ACT Government have a great fact-sheet on different window options and the difference they can make to your home:

    Good luck with warming up your homes!

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