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Cloth Nappies

June 4, 2012 in Blog


I would really encourage anyone who has a child in nappies, or will in the near future, to attend the workshop on Tuesday. My friend has just started using them and thinks they are brilliant.

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  1. I have friends who’ve loved them & friends who’ve hated them – which is why I’ll be going to the workshop to find out more! I’m also interested in the nappy library, so that we can try several types & see what works for us.

  2. Hi Lucinda, hope the workshop and nappy library helped you get your head around the options available for modern cloth nappies today!

  3. We got a 1L weed sprayer to spray poo off the nappies – it works fantastically well compared to the low pressure of the laundry sink!

  4. @Cinemaiden We’ve bought some & hired through the nappy library – they have a range to try. So far, I like the GloBugs newborns ones best, because they are slim fit & don’t dig in to her legs. & it’s a local Canberra company. :-) I like the sized ones best for daytime (fit better under clothes), & keep the OSFM for nights when she’s in her sleeping bag & not kicking around as much. I’ve also found some Facebook sites useful to discuss brands/fit/handy tips (where I found out about the weed sprayer!).

  5. For any cloth users out there – Itti Bitti are having a clearance sale on all current prints! Half price ittis! :-)

  6. Cloth nappies are wonderful! Personally I’ve used Baby Beehinds on our son since he was 3 weeks old and have loved them! I’m a big believer that you get what you pay for and if you commit to a single brand/ style you tend to work out any kinks quicker than if you chop and change a lot (perhaps that’s just my personal preference). As the Canberra consultant for Baby Beehinds (that’s how much I love our nappies) I can tell you that Baby Beehinds has a 6 months warranty on any manufacturing faults.

    There are however other great brands out there and the nappy library is a great resource, though I have had friends who are otherwise environmentally conscious find cloth very difficult even with the use of the nappy library and I think that may be because they didn’t have the opportunity to get to know a particular brand and how to manage it well. So there I go again – pick a brand and stick to it (at least until you get the hang of the whole cloth deal)! :-)

    • I actually found the opposite!

      I’ve found that having a range of brands has helped me stick with cloth. DD was in cloth since Day 3, & a range of brands have fit over time.

      While GloBugs & Bambooty were best when she was newborn, itti bitti & Baby Beehinds are better now she’s 2mo. & she has a range of brands for a variety of reasons: Pikapu for quick-dry, itti bitti for fit under clothes that aren’t made for cloth users, BBH petites for medium fit with better absorbency, BBH OSFM for nights, & several WAHM nappies cos they were on sale & are cute & fit well!

      But even with the one brand, different style nappies have worked with varying success! This is why I’m such an advocate of the nappy library – you can’t know what works until you try some! The ones I thought I’d like didn’t work on her, & others I thought would be too hard have been great!

      • There you go @lucinda, everyone’s experience is different I guess! Glad you’re working it out as you go! I can highly recommend BBH night nappies when you get to the stage where she sleeps 4-5hr plus stretches as they’ve got a lot more absorbency & are less wet against the skin than the bamboo/hemp fitteds! :-)

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