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Recycled toilet paper

July 6, 2012 in Blog

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Melbourne Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary are running an environmental campaign to get visitors to change their behaviour when they go back home- this includes such things as not throwing fishing line, plastic bags or other rubbish so as not to entangle wildlife (platypus, seals, shore birds etc) using phosphate free laundry powder (conserving platypus again), not using palm products , and recycling phones (helps orangutans). But they also promote buying recycled toilet paper (Wipe for wildlife campaign) with a super hero Crapman and dingoes playing with recycled toilet paper (it’s as strong as other toilet paper), posters showing an echidna (was) and koala (now) (was prickly, now soft) and that it doesn’t cost any more than others. As well as encouraging zoo visitors do do this at home, schools can change to recycled toilet paper. Here is a link to Wipe for Wildlife http://www.zoo.com.au/wipe

1 comment to 'Recycled toilet paper'

  1. Joh said on July 12, 2012

    Switching too recycled toilet paper is such a simple thing to do. We all use it every day and can make such a difference by making this one small change. The Melbourne zoo has found a fun and exciting way of promoting it. Good on them.

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