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Propagating Plants

July 12, 2012 in Blog

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I have just finished reading Angus Stewart’s ‘Let’s Propagate’ and it has got me really motivated. I love gardening and this book has given me heaps of new ideas for growing my own free plants. The problem is, there isn’t a lot I can do before spring. A bit frustrating.

I have frequently grown my own plants from cuttings – both root and stem – but did not know much about other forms of propagation. While some are a bit too technical for the home gardener – like tissue cultivation – I am looking forward to having a go at layering, budding and grafting.

Bianca – This would be a great topic for a spring workshop!

1 comment to 'Propagating Plants'

  1. @Joh What plants do you grow from cuttings? I’m only good with getting rosemary & mint to really take… But I haven’t really tried non-food plants.

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