March 28, 2012 in Blog

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Right! It’s getting cold! Time to get onto those challenges I chose last week. I figure I can get a twofer with sealing airleaks & heating, cos one helps the other along & I’m already huddling under blankets in the evening. I’d love to make my own cornices like this: DIY Cornices but I’m not convinced my landlord would love it. Probably not with elephants, anyway. I’m going to start by getting some cardboard and taping it to the top of the existing cornice to stop cold air getting in there. I’m also thinking of making some blinds: Experience a Curtain Call that will stop the draughts around our too-narrow curtains. I could use curtains/blankets from the opshop. Three strikes in one!
I’ll get to it, right after the Harvest Festival…

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