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Hoping for Tomato’s for Christmas

July 15, 2012 in Blog


Have spent the afternoon mixing very fine compost, coat peat and blood and bone. Have now watered and will be ready to plant tomato seeds in doors under glass in the next few days. I am determined to have tomato’s for Christmas this year. Usually I don’t start until September. However, Peter Cundall says one should start in June if one wants tomato’s for Christmas in our climate. It sounds sooo early!

Have others had any luck with growing tomato’s from seed and having fruit for Christmas? If so, any tips?

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  1. @Joh I grew some tomatoes from seed last year as well as planting seedlings. The seedlings I potted up and kept inside on the north facing window till late October and I did get a couple of tomatoes before Christmas. The ones I grew from seed (collected from a mini yellow variety I grew the year before) turned out to be the best. Lots of large yellow fruit till late into May. I think the trick is to make sure the soil has warmed up enough before you plant out, even if they are protected from frost. Maybe black plastic instead of mulch at the beginning. I might try a bit earlier this year also. Good Luck

    • Joh said on July 19, 2012

      @Wombat01 Thanks. It is interesting to hear that the seeds you planted for my our own plant the year before were the best. I have had some ‘volunteers’ (plants just come up) and they have produced the best fruit as well.
      I agree with the idea about needing to make sure that the soil has warmed up first. The black plastic may be the way to go. I am considering planting some in large pots and some in the ground to compare production. In terms of the soil warming up I suspect that the plants grown in pots will do best, as they will warm up first. The trick will be to make sure that they don’t dry out.

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