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Community Gardens

July 20, 2012 in Blog

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I noticed today that the ACT Government is seeking community views on future locations for community gardens. This may be an issue of interest to carbon challengers. Just go to www.timetotalk.act.gov.au to have your say, or post a comment here.
The Government wants to know where gardens should be located , should they be in existing neighbourhoods or for instance with government schools and should they be fenced?
I like the idea of community gardens in people’s backyards, where neighbours share the use of a garden space, share in its upkeep and its produce. This is the way our family garden now operates where my mother lives. It is a big garden, much bigger than what she is capable of now caring for, but a number of neighbours now work in the garden and it has become a great community asset. The new child care centre built next door are also taking plants from her garden into their grounds to engage their young children in growing a garden.

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