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July 21, 2012 in Blog


Our chook pen is under construction, thanks to some lovely friends. Can anyone recommend chooks? Good layers are what we need. And where can we get them from?

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  1. Well, the chook pen is finished and we got some chooks from Bellchambers in Fyshwick. They are called HyLines. $20 each. Powells in Phillip had the same ones, also available for pick up on a Thursday. Really enjoying them! They are brown, very friendly and curious, and on the point of lay. Hylines are bred for good laying for several years. We have had them for two weeks, and after one week, we got our first egg, laid in an old mower catcher filled with shredded paper. Such excitement! We usually get one egg a day at the moment – haven’t had two or more yet. But with four,we probably will in time! The chooks eat layer pellets, scraps from our kitchen, weeds, and whatever else they find. They are a great, very useful and enjoyable asset to our household!

  2. A few weeks later and we are up to three eggs a day. Still very exciting! The chooks are getting more curious and cluster around the door when we go out to feed them, hoping to be let out. We have done this once or twice, under close supervision as our vegie patch is right near their pen. And the cat and dog are safely in the house at the time!

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