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Winter Warmers <3

July 26, 2012 in Blog

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So now we’re well into winter, and it has been a really cold one, I can honestly say that doing the carbon challenge has had a massive impact on my life. Scouting through op-shops & garage sales to find cheap ways to cover my rental’s windows, sharing ideas & info with other people on here, and having the incentive to just get down to it has made a huge difference to my winter!
My heater, which was on full constantly last year, is now on the half-way mark or below, and doesn’t go on as often. it’s like the house holds the warmth in better overnight & through the day, so it’s actually warmer walking in after work than it is outside (different from last year).
The house is also a lot more comfortable. Blocking off the draughts has made a huge difference to the live-ability of our living area. lat winter I spent all my time huddled under a quilt arguing about huge power bills. Now we’re comfortable, spending less money, and really importantly, significantly reducing our carbon footprint.
So things have improved hugely as a result of this challenge, I’m actually looking forward to getting my bill to see how much we’ve reduced our use.
I’m also inspired to keep going. I’ve just realised how cold our wooden floors, with nothing between them and a big block of freezuing air that seeps up through all the little gaps.
I’m sure I can find some rugs around that won’t be too expensive, and this will cut our power use even more.
I’m so glad I got started with this. I feel like I can cope with and even enjoy the cold now our home is so much more comfortable & it’s great not to have to stress over the bills. And we’ve only got heating in the 2 rooms! I use the heating in the bdroom much less because I know it’s just not as cold to get up as it was before.
So thanks everyone for your help in getting here, and the Environment Centre for doing such great stuff! And if you’re having trouble meeting your challenges, trust me, it’s worth sticking with it, and it really does become second nature!

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