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Worm farms

July 29, 2012 in Blog


Does anyone have any experience with the breeding cycle of worms? I had to move my worm farm a few months ago.In doing so, a friend removed a lot of the castings and spread them around my garden. However, i think a lot of the worms may have gone with the castings. I found about three worms in the worm farm after this. Now, I have hundreds of little tiny which things wriggling around in the worm farm. According to this site http://www.worm-farming.com/worm-life-cycle.html they MAY be baby worms , but have also been told that they may be scarab grubs. Any advice would be appreciated.

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  1. I’m curious about this too. I have two worm farms, a “proper” one, and an old pot. Both are filled with real worms , and also lots of little tiny white wriggly things. Also some ?vinegar flies. I can’t remember what to do with these – in the past I have sprinkled something white on top. Can anyone help me? I am hoping to go to the worm farm workshop soon.

  2. @Anna21, @Wombat01, @Joh

    I’ve run a couple of worm-farming workshops in the past and these are called “White Worms”. They are composters too, and help neutralise the system, but their presence could indicate that the bin is slightly acidic. Keeping a few broken egg shells in the worm farm at all times will help prevent this.

    For the tiny white ‘vinegar flies’ just make sure that your food is always covered with a damp cloth of natural fibres (hessian, or a layer of soaked newspaper). You can even throw in a couple of handfuls of finished worm castings (or even soil) on top of the food and under the cloth to help further.

    • @Sonya. Thanks Sonya that is good know as I have a lot of vinegar flies in my compost bin. Looking forward to the next composting and wormfarming workshops.

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