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Worm farms

July 29, 2012 in Blog


Does anyone have any experience with the breeding cycle of worms? I had to move my worm farm a few months ago.In doing so, a friend removed a lot of the castings and spread them around my garden. However, i think a lot of the worms may have gone with the castings. I found about three worms in the worm farm after this. Now, I have hundreds of little tiny which things wriggling around in the worm farm. According to this site http://www.worm-farming.com/worm-life-cycle.html they MAY be baby worms , but have also been told that they may be scarab grubs. Any advice would be appreciated.

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  1. Hi @Joh, email a pic of the creatures to us and we will identify them for you. . . Cheers

  2. Hi @Joh I have a feeling they may not be baby worms, as I’ve had a similar experience. It may be worth sourcing some new worms for your worm farm, especially as the warmer weather advances and worm activity picks up quite drastically over these months. What would be your advice @ebony?

  3. Check out ABC’s website for last weeks program on worm farms. Good tip on separating worms from castings by using sun light to drive the worms from the surface.

  4. Thanks @GreenArno – incidentally for anyone who didn’t know, you can get wormfarms at a reduced rate from us here at the enviro centre (info here: http://www.ecoaction.com.au/resources/backyard/tumbleweed/).

  5. Hey @GreenArno thanks for the tip, I’ve been thinking about getting one although at the moment I feed all our greenwaste to the chooks (who produce very nice fertilizer)!

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