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The Green Committee, Success story

August 1, 2012 in Blog


My visit to “Green Exposure” arranged by the Green Committee of CIT.
It was like a story of people who were not many in numbers but were committed to bring change. With great spirit without carrying about the end results, immune from the thoughts of failure with only one thing in minds conservation and protection of the world. I like to give the overview about the formation and the tasks initially carried out by the committee.
The Green Action committee was founded in 2006 and first Green Action Plan was introduced. The committee was comprised of only three members when they introduced their first environment policy in 2006, which included the ideas focused on water and power usage. when policy was empirically implemented, the results were fascinating. Encouraged by the out come of their first effort committee debuted another idea in 2007. Arrangements were made to visit different demolishing sites to educate workers and supervisors on sites to use different waste bins for different types of material for example iron, glass or timber so that recyclable items could be extracted from other items. At this point question arose about how to keep people aware about the activities and use of waste bins. And the solution emerged in form of posters, cards and leaflets.
In 2008, the green group was properly formalized through the board and then decided to initiate some important steps for the improvement of their own backyard, means CIT to make difference.
The results of the Green Committee polices and programs are astonishing. For an ordinary person its hard to believe how much Committee has achieved in just a short span of 8 years. Today, in ACT the Green Committee is a leading model role for many to bring change and to change themselves to save the planet.

To Be Continued….

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  1. It is great to hear about such enthusiastic people making a difference for the environment
    Cheers @Girrawa

  2. Hi @khan, what a fabulous story! Perhaps the Environment Centre could work together with the Green Committee on a future project? If you have any ideas, or any ways we can help or help you’d like to offer us – we’re all ears! :)

    • It is really a good idea. Combination of the Green Committee and the Environment Centre would highly be productive in terms of future projects. There are lot of ways through which environment of cooperation and consultation for future projects can be created like improving efficiency of projects in place, how to enhance their capacity, how to make more people aware about the issue of the environment and sharing and introducing new ideas for the effective use of technology.

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