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The end

August 1, 2012 in Blog


This is my last day of the carbon Challenge. It has been a great experience. I thin the best part has been getting tips and ideas from others and being able to share what I have learnt, my challenges, frustrations and successes. In terms of my challenges, I have had the car serviced once in the three months, I have been more careful about w XX I have really enjoyed op-shopping and have found some real bargins.
In terms of dealing with draughts, I have installed door XX, draught stoppers over my exhaust fans and found the draught proofing workshop really helpful. All of this has made a real difference to my electricity bill. With my solar panels, I have received a $250.00 credit and it is the middle of winter.

Things that I didn’t put down as my challenges, but which I have also done are learning to collect seeds. While I have had minimal success in propagating from collected seed, I am looking forward to Spring, as this will be the time to expect greater success. I have been more successful in propagating some plants from cuttings and look forward to doing more of this.
But, as others have said, this is just the beginning. I look forward to continuing the challenge!

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  1. Well done Joh, it has been great keeping track of your exploits over the challenge
    Cheers @Girrawa

  2. @Joh Great to see you have done so well. I have really appreciated your comments and links. Good luck with your energy saving future.

  3. @Joh That’s fantastic! I am really enjoying it too, and I am only in Week 3. I am loving reading about others’ experiences and putting ideas into practice. All the best for your future changes and improvements!

  4. @Joh congratulations on reaching the end of the challenge period, but also recognising that the challenge is one to be carried on… :) that is the lesson that we hope many others take with them as well. Please however feel free to keep posting and following the progress of other challengers here, as it would be lovely to have your continued enthusiasm and support. We hope to see you at future workshops and other CEC events as well! Thanks for being such a wonderful challenger… :)

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