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August 2, 2012 in Blog


Today we picked up the four lovely chooks we had ordered from Bellchambers at Fyshwick. They are point of lay “Hiline” chickens, 16-20 weeks old (I’m not sure exactly). We are looking forward to the first eggs! My husband and some friends built their pen recently, using some new materials (eg treated pine logs and chicken wire) and some old/recycled materials (old hard wood). We got two old lawn mower catchers for them to lay in – apparently chooks like dark confined spaces – so hopefully they will agree and make good use of them in time! A bale of straw on the ground, some shredded paper in the nesting boxes, weeds and kitchen scraps, as well as some layer pellets – they seem very content!

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  1. @Anna21 I have to convince my husband that chooks are a good idea. We have two dogs so any chook pen has to be really secure. I would love to know how you built yours and if you have any problems with cats , foxes etc.

  2. @Anna21 – sounds like you’ve built them a lovely home! I’m sure they will reward you with a bounty of eggs very soon… you’ll probably have enough to share with neigbours too!

  3. Well, we got our chooks a week ago and today we were rewarded with the first egg. 44 grams! We shall have it for breakfast, divided six ways!! It was laid in a nesting box that is actually an old lawn mower catcher filled with shredded paper. Am so glad the chook approved of it – dark, enclosed and snug!

  4. Today we got our third egg! Really enjoying having the chooks! They are a great source of enjoyment and blessing! I was expecting the worm farm and the two compost bins to miss out on scraps etc but there is still plenty to go around for everything.

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