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Waste in Haste

August 15, 2012 in Blog


Distressed calls from the workers of the Hume Materials Recovery facility about the use of waste bins echoed in Canberra through Canberra times. It is shocking to know that how many Canberrans are not vigilant in using their waste bins. Although there are clear signs on the bins about their usage even then many of us are showing negligence and ignore our duty to throw waste in its proper bin. The supervisor at the Facility told that they often find things like nappies, dead dog, rates and birds in recycling material which makes very difficult for the workers to do their job properly and causes stress for the them. In recycle bins goods like heavy blankets and electronic goods are found commonly that causes frequent jam of conveyor and stalemates the whole process of recycling for hours.
It is not easy to work at the smelliest places like Hume Recycling Facility of Canberra. People who work there are real heroes. They deserve our respect and care. Our negligence is causing a lot of problems for them and for the environment. We can help these hard working people in reducing their stress and saving their time by paying little attention when throwing our waste in waste bins.
Care can be cure for many problems.

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  1. I am with you. I spend my time at work pulling plastic wrappers out of the organic waste and pulling recycled products from the landfill bin into recycling. do people really not care or are they lazy, which to me is the same thing.

  2. Perhaps there should be random inspections of recycling bins with fines for those not using them properly. I can’t understand why people abuse the system. There are some people that do not think of the consequences of their actions.

  3. I am also trying to recycle more things before they go into the recycling bin. All our newspaper is now going into the garden as mulch. The plastic vegetable containers and toilet rolls are being used for seed germinators. Plastic drink bottle are cut and used for mini greenhouses and scoops for potting mix etc. I plan to start using tins for potting on my seedlings. I have also heard you can use broken up polystyrene in the bottom of pots to help with drainage. With big pots I used to use gravel. This should make them a lot lighter to move around. Does anyone else have any ideas for recycling?

  4. I think we need to be kind to people, a lot of the problem is education. As I learn more I realise that I’ve probably been guilty of negligence in these areas in the past. Education is key – not just ‘do this’ but the why behind it as well!

  5. @khan – I agree; I think people can be lazy and uncaring and there’s a real disconnect between their actions and realising the subsequent consequences. It seems they just block it out of their minds.

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