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Draught Free Home

August 21, 2012 in Blog


Just wanted to know if anyone has any tips from the draught proof your house workshop which we unfortunately missed. The coldest places in our house are our bathroom and toilet as they both have those ventilation gaps in the windows.

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  1. @Stanwix. They recommended closing them off. If you have a window that can open or a fan in the ceiling you don’t need the constant draught. Also check around the frame for draughts. They showed us a clear sealer that can go around the frames.

  2. @Stanwix I can’t remember if the workshop showed us how to seal up the gap. You could probably use thick plastic or Perspex or even bubblewrap and just tape it with electical tape. It may not be the greatest look but it will cut out the draught. Maybe somebody will have a better suggestion. Good luck.

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