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more compost

August 22, 2012 in Blog


I was so happy with my new 400 litre compost bin that I have ordered another one. I hope to create enough to top dress my veggie patch for the season. Usually I have brought home a load of cow manure from my parents’ farm but I have noticed that the soil structure is becoming quite fine. I’m hoping the compost will help give it some life. I have also stopped turning over the soil each season as I think this also damages the structure and disturbs the worms.

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  1. @Tracey Sounds a good idea. Mulch/compost on the top seems to improve the soil really well. Today I picked up a big bucket of coffee grounds from a cafe I often go to. I gave it mostly to our worms who love coffee apparently. Our dog does too, so hopefully she won’t try to get it!

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