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Growing your own seedlings

August 26, 2012 in Blog


I just thought I would share something I found out the other weekend when I went to the national arbitorium for a gardening talk. If you are interested in growing your own seedlings there is this product you can buy called a pot maker. It allows you to make your own seedling pots out of paper. Then once your seedling is established you can plant the paper pot straight into your garden bed. I thought this was a great idea add it saves you having to buy plastic containers.

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  1. What a great idea! I have been using empty toilet roll holders – but we do run out of the supply of them! Making one’s own means one would never run out when the seed-sowing bug is biting!

  2. I have been saving my toilet roll holders over winter and have also just planted my tomato seeds using them. I have also used egg cartons but they dry out quicker so need to be checked. The pot maker sounds great. I guess it is just like papermache. Would it work with newspaper and any suitable plastic mould? I will have to try it.

  3. It does work with any paper, newspaper would be good as you then plant the pots with seedlings straight into your garden bed. The good thing about the pot maker is that it compresses the bottom to make it stronger, I.e more than one layer thicker on the base.

  4. We planted our first lots of seeds on Sunday and are hoping they do ok. How long does it usually take for the seedlings toappear?

    • @Stanwix I think it depends on the type of seed and the temperature. My tomatoes have taken two weeks on the north facing window, temperature range 15-20 deg. My kohlrabi took less than a week. Good luck with yours.

  5. I need to try growing seedlings, I’ve never been much of a green thumb so I’ve got lots to learn. I have come across the idea of making seedling pots out of newspaper on pinterest (I assume you can do it without needing to purchase a kit – though the kit could make it easier perhaps)

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