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Embracing my inner Greenie

August 30, 2012 in Blog


So I confess, I never thought of myself as a Greenie/ Eco-conscious person… but upon recent reflection I’ve realised that I am well on my way down that path!

Going through the list of possible challenges, it was encouraging to see that we already do a bunch of things – we use cloth nappies, we have solar panels on our roof, we have rain water tanks, we use non-toxic cleaning products (and I’m on the journey to non-toxic personal care products as well), we’re changing our eating habits to phase out as many processed foods as possible and I’ve been wanting to rework our backyard into one of primarily edible plants for a while – that hasn’t happened yet, but it rapidly making it’s way up the to-do list as other things are ticked off!

A little while ago I purchased remote control power plugs to make turning power off to inaccessible power points achievable. So now it’s my challenge to actually install them in order to reduce our standby power!

I love how simple living and caring for the environment work well hand in hand – with the added bonus of saving money! Being a family of three (so far) and making the choice for me to primarily be a full-time mother means that all the ways I can save us money help to ensure the longevity of this life-style choice.

So bring on the Carbon Challenge/ Simple Living/ Sustainable Living and the like! Looking forward to the additional accountability! :-)

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  1. @Taryn I was really encouraged reading your blog. Simplicity is the key to success in many ways and brings many other benefits too.

  2. @Taryn

    Nothing like a carbon challenge to make you more aware and accountable for your actions.

  3. @Taryn Great to hear your experiences so far. Having spent four year at home with my two babies (now 21 and 18) I have never regretted the decision. Good luck with your challenges.

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