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Small backyard, big ambition

September 3, 2012 in Blog


With such a small backyard, I love the idea of have a plot at one of the COGS’ community gardens. I just don’t have the room to grow the quantity I require to be more self-sufficient, or rotate the plots as much as I would like. On further investigation I found out that Theodore used to have a community garden but was closed due to water supply issues, vandalism and not a lot of interest. COGS suggested if there was renewed interest in this area, that the government was looking at funding some new ones.

Don’t suppose anyone in the Theodore/Calwell area would be interested in supporting such a venture?

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  1. @Tracey – do you have any next door neighbours with an unused garden, especially perhaps an elderly neighbour? As you could ask to grow produce in their backyard and share it with them… just an idea! :)

  2. @Tracey the Lyons early childhood school has a community garden, not sure if that is to far for you to travel but could be worth looking into. I think exchange run it.

  3. @Tracey What is considered an adequate amount of growing space in order to be more self sustainable?

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