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re-thinking waste

September 3, 2012 in Blog


I have been trying to be more aware of all purchases I make especially grocery shopping. It makes a difference to the bottom line if you go through your cupboards first before hitting the shops. I made a concerted effort today to buy items on special and those which were necessary. It’s satisfying to see the drop in total.
I have also been utilising produce in the garden and making dishes based around these raw ingredients. It’s satisfying using fresh, nutritious food that tastes amazing and saves you money!
My son is really quite supportive of my mission and has become quite sustainability-minded too.

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  1. @Tracey I love doing that too when I go shopping but I find it takes considerably more organisation and determination on my part. It is so easy to buy things that catch my eye – things that are not on my list … if I have one! Well done for being more aware and achieving your goal!

  2. I too have got very strict when purchasing, particularly fresh product. If I can’t eat it in 3 days I don’t buy it. I am on a mission to throw out no food.

  3. @Tracey I have a mission this week not to set foot in a supermarket. Hopefully if I only go to the markets I will buy only what we need.

  4. That’s great @Tracey! I need to become more mindful of what we actually need when doing our shopping list/ going to the store! I’ve been so shocked by the total the last couple of times I’ve been to the grocery store! At least it’s about the only shopping I do these days… other than trips to Tiny’s and I do need to get myself together and do some op-shopping for clothes that fit… but the less time I spend in shopping centres the less I’m tempted to purchase which is great! :-)

    @Anna21 I know what you mean when you say it takes more organisation and determination! It’s one of the first things that slips in my shopping routine when I’m tired/ feeling a bit overwhelmed by life with a little one!

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