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Home Energy Audit

September 7, 2012 in Blog


Today we had our home energy audit. It was good to do, though I will certainly be interested in what is shared in the ‘Investing in Energy Efficiency’ workshop on Saturday! I’ve got to say, it’s all a bit overwhelming… we have down lights (for lack of knowing the technically correct name) which aren’t good, need to check insulation in ceiling, walls (probably none) and under floor, look into double glazing options (magnitite, etc.) and put in door seals, block open bits in bathroom & toilet windows… it just seems to be a never-ending list… I know it’ll be worth it in the end, but I do find I can get a bit overwhelmed by all the new information!

The auditor mentioned a second hand glass/ window place in Fyshwick… anyone know where that is exactly?

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  1. @Taryn It will be worth the effort. Having just gone through the experience of building a new energy efficient house insulation and double glazing make a big difference.
    Even though the ACT government has increased the minimum energy rating I still do not understand why double glazing is not mandatory. North orientation is very important yet new developments do not take this into account. Our house has north orientated living areas as well as the master bedroom. We also installed a trombe wall in our bedroom. No heating is required during the day but we still need some heating at night as we have not installed window coverings in the living areas yet. However the temperature never drops below 15 overnight.

  2. @Taryn We had a Home Energy Audit done last year. I too remember my feelings of being overwhelmed by all the problems of the house, and all the possibilities and choices for change too. It was at the beginning of our first winter in Canberra, and sadly making decisions and changes with all the necessary evidence just did not seem possible then. Since then – once Spring 2011 sprang – we have made heaps of improvements, but unfortunately not in the time frame required to get the lovely reimbursement! All the best with the changes you are embarking on! They will be well worth it!

  3. @Wombat01 lucky you to be able to build an energy efficient home! It would be great! I’d love to do a straw bale house! But alas, we must work with what we have!

    @Anna21 thanks for the encouragement! I’m sure it will be well worth it! Now I’ve had a few days to get used to the ideas it’s not quite so overwhelming!

    • @Taryn For us it has taken about a year to achieve quite a lot, but we were unable to do much at all in the first few months. Most of it started last spring – and we are still going and enjoying it a lot! Have fun!

  4. It was great to take part in the Investing in Energy Efficiency workshop on Saturday, coming away with a booklet, more suggestions on how to retro-fit energy efficient things to our home and get to ask questions that I hadn’t thought of while the HEAT auditor was here was great! Will definitely be moving through that work book and contacting Sustain ACT (www.sustainact.com) if I have any further questions!

  5. @Taryn The Energy Efficiency workshops are really great. Although our house has a 7.5 star rating there are still lots of things to still do to make it more energy efficient. Technology is continually improving. For instance some of the LED lights that were on display were not available when we were looking at light fittings. They are also getting cheaper.

  6. Wow @Wombat01! A 7.5 star energy rating! That’s amazing! I’m sure there are always things that can be done to improve the rating… but that’s awesome! Ours unfortunately was about .5 or maybe 1.0 if we were lucky! So I’m really hoping that doing some work will make a large difference!!!

  7. @Taryn I have a low energy rating too; I think I could make a good start by putting in wall insulation

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