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Eco insulation

September 7, 2012 in Blog


Ok, what do people know about eco insulation? I’ve come across Viva Living Homes as an eco builder of straw bale/ clay houses which looks great and if I were starting from scratch/ doing extentions I’d definitely look into that! But what I need to do it make the house we have more energy efficient without adding any additional toxic chemicals to the mix (I’m assuming that there are toxic chemicals in the mix from previous building material choices).

So, does anyone know of any good environmentally friendly insulation options? I’ll be looking at roof, wall & under floor insulation options and we’ll make the decision on what to start with based on what will make the biggest difference to our energy efficiency. All suggestion and advice welcome! :-)

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  1. I had a quote last week for wall insulation. Not as cheap as I thought, but doable. I then spoke to an electrician who advised agianst wall insulation. Why you ask – apparently it is not very good to be able to access your electrical wires that are in your walls. NOW I AM JUST CONFUSED! Anybody else got any information regarding this?

  2. I don’t know about the electrics but we have wall insulation and had an aerial out let installed recently on an external wall without any trouble.

  3. @Swanney perhaps the electrician you spoke to was just didn’t like the extra work it added on for him? I will go ahead with wall insulation regardless as it’ll be money saving on bills that will be a benefit far more often than we’d ever need electrical stuff done in our external walls!

    @Wombat01 thanks for that information! Good to know it is possible! :-)

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