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September 7, 2012 in Blog


Participating in this challenge has made me even more aware of my actions than I was previously. I really have been gradually building on my knowledge base, which is gathering momentum every step I take. The more I learn, the more satisfied and enthusiastic I am becoming; it’s so exciting! One of the most positive things from this enthusiasm is the fact that it rubs off on those around you and gives them the motivation to make a difference.

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  1. So true. The workshops in particular have had some very good ideas. I have been able to install some draught proofing suggested by the daughtproofing workshop which has made a big difference. I have also changed my garden plans after going to the planning workshop,installing Swales to direct runoff. I have also introduced a friend to the retrofitting workshop. She is quite keen to reduce her power bills and make her house more comfortable.

  2. @Tracey that’s great! I’m also loving my learning and what it’s encouraging me to get done around our home/ garden! :-)

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