Carbon Challenge Winners – Round I

September 11, 2012 in Blog


Very excited to announce the First Round of Carbon Challenge Winners!

1. Most Points
Winner: Lucinda
Prize: As selected by Lucinda, a $100 Bunnings Gift Voucher.

1. Plant a Veggie & Herb Garden
2. Take a Home Energy Audit
3. Act on the Advice of a Home Energy Audit
4. Buy Less Stuff
5. Switch to Reusable Nappies

Points: 7800

2. Highest Energy Reduction
Winner: Joh
Prize: As selected by Joh, a $100 Provincial Plants Gift Voucher

1. Seal Air Leaks
2. Wash Dishes Efficiently
3. Wash Clothes Efficiently
4. Buy Second-Hand Goods
5. Maintain your Car

Points: 7530

Energy Reduction: 1742 kWh/quarter
Energy Savings: $216.43/quarter

3. Lucky Draw
Winner: Naomi
Prize: As selected by Naomi, an ABC Gardening Hamper (including a 6mth ABC Gardening Magazine Subscription)

1. Plant a Veggie & Herb Garden
2. Produce your Own Eggs
3. Seal Air Leaks
4. Reduce Standby Power
5. Start a Worm-Farm

Points: 3280

4. Runner-Up
Winner: Girrawa
Prize: Not yet selected

1. Reduce your Food Waste
2. Install Energy-Efficient Lights
3. Bike or Walk Short Trips
4. Use Public Transport
5. Plant a Veggie & Herb Garden

Points: 4900

Winner: Carol
Prize: As selected by Carol, a Sustain ABILITY Workshop Pass for 2012

1. Commit to Rethinking Waste
2. Compost
3. Start a Worm-Farm
4. Plant a Veggie & Herb Garden
5. Bike or Walk Short Trips

Points: 2770

Winner: Larissa
Prize: As selected by Larissa, a Keep Cup!

1. Use a Clothesline
2. Reduce your Food Waste
3. Compost
4. Buy Less Stuff
5. Learn a New Skill

Points: 2370


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  1. Congrats everyone!

  2. Well done everyone, especially Joh. What a great energy saving. All those improvements payed off.

  3. Fantastic everyone! You are very inspiring with your achievements and blogs!

  4. Good work everyone. @Joh if you could provide some tips on how you managed such a big energy saving that would be great.

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