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Using public transport

September 13, 2012 in Blog


One of the challenges our family signed up for was using public transport. We are doing better than we thought and the transition has been easy. We sold one of our cars, now a one car family. Action have a great system where you can apply for a parking permit and get free parking from the interchange you catch the bus from. This means we park the car near my work and then my husband catches the bus to his work and home. So now we are saving lots on parking and by only having one car.

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  1. @stanwix this is fantastic news! We love hearing all these stories of how you’re acting to achieve your challenges – and selling one car is a big step, so well done! :) Great to hear about the service that Action provide too, we weren’t aware of that. It will be something we will have to help promote!

  2. @Stanwix Well done. We used to be a one car family,when I was at home with the kids but as soon as I started back at work we needed two cars. However my husband catches the bus to work so really only one car gets used each day. The buses are pretty good during peak period but not on weekends and holidays.
    If you are an ACT govt employee you and your family are eligible to pay for bus fares associated with travel to and from work/school with pre-tax dollars. This was part of our last round of enterprise bargaining and was meant to promote use of public transport.

  3. @Stanwix – great effort! My hubby catches the bus to and from work or car pools with neighbours which is great! It’s allowed us to remain a single car family as I can have the car at home for outings for our son and I. Though I have now got a child seat for the bike and need to get all that sorted so I can start riding for shorter trips and use the car less!

    @Wombat01 – any idea if Federal Gov’t employees have that great incentive as well?

  4. Very well done. We also have become a one car family (but then there is only the two of us – no kids which makes it easier!) It certainly saves loads of money and loads of hassle and only occasional inconvenience. You are right that Action has done some good things to make it easier – I make use of the bike racks all the time and know you can also get bike lockers at interchanges.

  5. That’s fabulous. I tried to take on a transport challenge, and hate to say I failed. I’ll keep holding out for light rail with a bus feeder system, hopefully we’ll get there yet!

    • @Billy Having used public transport in most capital cities. Canberra is sadly lacking in a real alternative to cars at the moment. The best system I have used is in Perth. In the early 1990′s they rebuilt there rail network and did a fantastic job reconnecting Fremantle and expanding north. We should be able to do the same here.

  6. Well what do you know. ACT Labor has just promised us a light rail scheme for their next term if they are re-elected. I would really like to see that. Hope it is not all talk and no action.

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