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Loving the Carbon Challenge

September 16, 2012 in Blog


I know this admission will likely result in a bunch of comments to try and convince me otherwise… but I have to say, I’m a climate change sceptic! I have my reasons… but as you can see, that doesn’t stop me from believing that we need to care for the environment and reduce our footprint on the earth!

I am a Christian and have a strong belief that God gave humanity the responsibility to care for the earth, something we have NOT been good at doing before now! So I’m very interested in learning more about reducing our families footprint on the earth (while still being able to function in the society we find ourselves) and hopefully increasing the health of our family in the process. I love the idea of a greater mindfulness of the environment decreasing our bills and thus decreasing the need to earn additional money and take more time away from our young family as well! I guess for me it shows that God really knew what he was doing back in the day when he gave humanity the responsibility to care for the earth as doing so has positive repercussions for health and family, etc.

Anyway, I am very grateful to have come across the Canberra Environment Centre and their workshops and the Carbon Challenge! It is really helping me to see how a restructure of priorities required in my life to remain a Play at Home Mum are actually sustainable in the longer term for our family!!! And I’m also very grateful for this community who constantly provide me with new ideas and encouragement along the way! :-)

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  1. @Taryn it was very brave of you to put your views forward. It is however good to accept the precautionary principle. I hope you are right but the consequences if you are wrong are too serious not to try and affect change. Anyway I have really enjoyed this challenge. Learnt lots and hopefully saved a bit of energy and money.

  2. @Wombat01 true that the consequences of my opinion being wrong are too serious not to try and affect change! I hadn’t quite thought of it that way… I certainly do love that I’m reducing our footprint on the earth through the challenges I’m undertaking here and saving energy/ money in the process! :-)

  3. I’ll stick with the science, but good on you for reducing your impact :)

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