Feedback from Participants of the Sustainability Challenge

The Carbon Challenge builds on and refines the successful ‘Sustainability Challenge’ project delivered by the Centre last year. The model of challenging people to challenge themselves requires individuals to identify their own challenges, which empowers them to take responsibility for their own actions and the repercussions of their actions while reducing their carbon footprint.

Similar to the Carbon Challenge, the Sustainability Challenge required participants to choose from a variety of suggestions focused on transport, energy, waste, and food production.

What resulted was participants planting veggie gardens, limiting electronics use, buying local organic produce, and some even replacing old appliances with more efficient ones! One of the greatest things that came out of the Challenge was the feedback that households gave of being more involved in their community through taking up actions like riding to school, or limiting TV time, or starting up veggie gardens and sharing produce with their neighbours!

Some testimonials:

“During the thirty days we started a potted veggie garden which has now grown and expanded into the main garden we now cut herbs from most nights of the week. We ate our first tomatoes last week which was very rewarding… It has become a family project. We have established a great natural composting heap in lower garden which I am happy to report has helped our veggies grow.”

“One of our five steps forward was to reduce food waste. In doing this we introduced a menu plan. The kids contributed ideas and it has been helpful in reducing food wastage. We continue to do this; my sisters are now also doing this as it has been so useful.”

“While recycling is easy because we have the bins, the challenge is to stop, reduce & reuse before you purchase and then recycle last”

“…..So now we are trying to increase our rides around the neighborhood, riding to the local shops and mall. It has been fun. If fact we are now riding around the lake with our neighbors family every now and then so it has been very positive”

Tip: Select a combination of goals that are both personally fulfilling and environmentally rewarding. As often not only are there environmental benefits but also health, financial, relationship and community benefits to reducing one’s footprint!