Q. How do I accumulate points?
A. Please see the Points Legend.

Q. What prizes are there to be won?
A. Please see the list of prizes here

Q. Do I have to attend workshops?
A. No, you don’t have to attend workshops, they are optional. However, you are generously rewarded in points for attending.

Q. How will you know to allocate points for attending workshops?
A. Attendance lists will be taken for workshops and we will update points accordingly thereafter.

Q. What happens if the challenge I want to take is not listed?
A. You will have the option to nominate at least one of your own challenges. If you wish to take more than one challenge which is not on our list, please contact projects@ecoaction.com.au and we will try to help.

Q. What are seeds?
A. Seeds are equivalent to points. You accrue seeds for different actions that you take both online and offline and accruing the highest number of seeds over the course of the challenge will see you win a prize.

Q. How do I upload a photo?
A. Once you have registered, log on and click on the ‘My Profile’ button in the top left hand corner of the screen. Select ‘Profile’ from the list of tabs available; here you will be able to upload an avatar or photo of yourself.

If you have any other questions or concerns that are not listed here, please email projects@ecoaction.com.au.

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