• Anna21 posted an update 7 years, 4 months ago

    Really enjoyed the wormfarm workshop! Thanks, Sonya! I will have to fix up my worm farms tomorrow and remove the coffee grounds I recently got from a coffee shop! But the compost bins will be happy with them!

    • You’re welcome @Anna21 happy to hear you enjoyed it and it was lovely to meet you!! Yes, the compost will love the coffee grounds. :)

    • Hi all,

      Has anyone else encountered this? My worms bred in the blanket I had to keep them warm over winter! Will the wool blend break down if I leave it in there & add veggies on top? It’s quite an old blanket (a Tumbleweed one for the Worm Cafe) & is starting to come apart… I don’t want to lose my worms, but I don’t want to leave it in there if the smaller fibres will be bad for my garden (not sure of what’s in the blend).

      Maybe I need to attend a worm workshop to ask tricky questions… :-)

      • Hi @lucinda lovely to hear from you! The Tumbleweed blankets are made from natural fibres so will eventually break down and be eaten by the worms… I can’t imagine that it would be bad for your garden, but you could check with Tumbleweed to see what the contents are. I can’t think that it is harmful for the worms either to be in the blanket as long as it is kept moist and they can move around in it. They should naturally be migrating towards the food scraps though? Worms particularly love watermelon and someone from Tumbleweed once told me that if you want to see how many worms you have in your worm farm to place the shell of a quarter of a watermelon in the farm and leave it for a day or two… as the worms won’t be able to help themselves! That might help draw them out of the blanket? Hope that helps answer your questions…!?

    • I enjoyed it too! I think I will be looking at doing a combination of a regular wormfarm and worm towers as I build my veggie gardens! I might be ordering a wormfarm sometime soon @sonya @ecoaction :-)