• Hi all, We’re harvesting too. Our tomatoes and cucumbers have done quite well, but it’s been a strange year for us because the bigger tomatoes have done great, but the little cherry tomatoes were a big […]

  • Hi all, I missed the harvest festival last weekend unfortunately. It sounds like it was well worth the visit.

    it’s definitely beginning to get autumnal now, I can see some trees starting to change colour and […]

  • Oh hi @SRiver

    I was hoping to do some Easter shopping too. There’s only so much chocolate you can eat, I find. So it’s good to get people other things.

    They say it’ll be a beautiful day too.

  • Hi @ecoaction I’ll be there. I want to check out all the stalls because I heard such great things about the Night Elves market back in December but didn’t get the chance to go along.

    Will anyone else be there too?

  • ThumbnailHi all,

    Here’s that promised photo of the Canberra Cake (I told you the candelabra was big):

  • Hi @SRiver and @Woyapp too (and everyone else who’s interested in Canberra Centenary stuff)

    We had an afternoon tea on Sunday and we baked Canberra Cake (though we used a mix of pecans, sunflower seeds and […]

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    Hi @ScrappyKat

    I can’t remember if I’ve told anyone before about our problem with our tomatoes. Well, the problems isn’t with the tomatoes really, it’s with the native rat that’s taken a fancy to them. We know […]

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    Hi @Marg51510 I’m glad to hear that the blockout blind is making a difference. Does that mean that the bedroom gets a lot of sun in winter?

    Our lounge faces the sun too. There’s a pergola that stops the sun […]

  • Apples wrote a new post, Challenges 7 years ago

    Hi @Marg51510 they sound like good challenges. I can tell from that list of veggies that your garden is going well, but how are you doing with the other ones?

    As far as mine go, I’ve started using the library […]

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    Hi @Boobok we’re sorry to see you go. I’m glad to hear that you got a lot out of the Challenge.

    We’ve tried the banana pancakes too (thanks @SRiver for the recipe), they were great. We want to try them with […]

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    Hi @ScrappyKat I’m sorry I never got to the permaculture courses. It sounds like I missed something really good.

    My excuse for last weekend was that I was wrestling with tomatoes. A native rat had taken a […]

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    Hello again @ScrappyKat, I missed your question about beans. Beans and brassicas are good companion plants, so they should be fine, but the bush beans will grow quite a bit more, so you need to be sure there’s […]

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    Hi @ScrappyKat.

    As long as the greens are in something where Cabbage White butterflies can’t get to them – either in a pot or in the ground – they should be fine.

    I’d suggest putting them in seedling […]

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    Hi @ScrappyKat and @quietpurpletiger

    I wonder if 3 or 4 carrots would work instead, or the same sort of volume of cooked pumpkin – they’re both sweet-ish and soggy. Maybe a bit of milk would be good with the […]

  • Hi @SRiver and @quietpurpletiger, our strawberries aren’t doing so well either – we got a couple in spring but after that they’re so small they’re not worth bothering with.

    I’ve heard that strawberries like tea […]

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    Hi all,

    It’s great that so much goes to recycling in Canberra, but sometimes the sheer volume of packaging and whatnot that we put in the recycling bin is frightening – since it’s going to take so much energy […]

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    What a great idea @ScrappyKat! Tomato and Mozarella bruschetta – we’ll definitely be trying that this year.

  • Apples wrote a new post, Mozzarella salad 7 years ago

    Hi, you probably all know this one, but our favorite summer treat has got to be Mozarella salad. It’s really simple, takes about ten minutes.

    A couple of large, salad-type tomatoes (we use […]