• Hi everyone,

    Today’s the last day of my Carbon Challenge. So, as promised last week, here’re my thoughts on how it went…

    I did the wicking garden, well a wicking bucket actually: tomatoes and basil. In […]

  • Hi @quietpurpletiger, we’ll all miss you around here. It’s going to be quiet (and less purple) without you :-)

    it’s my last week next week too, and I’m thinking about what I’ve managed to do. I’ll keep everyone […]

  • Hi @Apples, @quietpurpletiger and @Woyapp, the amount of packaging we throw away worries me too. We’ve been trying to get around it a bit by buying more fruit and veg and making up meals in advance. Using things […]

  • Ah, yes. Thanks for reminding me @quietpurpletiger, I’d forgotten about soap nuts. We’re off in the direction of Mountain Creek Whole Foods this afternoon, maybe I’ll be able to pick some up there.

    Going back […]

  • Boobok commented on the post, The beginning 7 years, 4 months ago

    Hi again @Woyapp. How about David Attenborough’s ‘The Truth About Climate Change’? Or Home or The 11th Hour?

    Home is particularly good, it’s mainly composed of aerial views of the world and has some of the […]

  • @MinnieMouse some people have a problem seeing beyond the end of their own nose (or patio in this case) obviously.

    The bleach will have killed a lot of the good bugs in your soil too. You can inoculate the […]

  • Boobok commented on the post, The beginning 7 years, 4 months ago

    Hi @Woyapp. Would I be right in guessing that something like An Inconvenient Truth isn’t going to work either?

    Hmmm, maybe The Day After Tomorrow (where a new ice age is triggered by global warming – not as […]

  • Hi @klv9 congratulations on getting rid of the redundant freezer. That should make a real impact on your power use.

    I’m looking forward to the vegetarian recipes too. I’ll have to look up our mozarella salad […]

  • Thanks @quietpurpletiger, I wondered. I guess we’ll try a sample bag. We bought a new washing machine not long ago, water efficient and whatnot, only to find when we got it home that it only uses water from the […]

  • Hi @Quietpurpletiger. I was just wondering how the soapnuts are working out. Do they really work?

    We’ve been looking at them for a while but it seems so different to what we normally use that we’ve not given […]

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    Hi @ScrappyKat our garden’s suffering from the heat too, but since we haven’t been away on holiday we’ve been able to keep a close eye on it so it’s not doing as bad as it might – though we lost all our early […]

  • Boobok commented on the post, Courses 7 years, 4 months ago

    Hi @SRiver. If you put ‘@username’ somewhere in your post (eg. @ScrappyKat or @SRiver) then that person will get an email letting them know that you’ve commented on their post.

    It’s a good way of letting people […]

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    @ScrappyKat, I’ve only done one wicking pot (in an old bucket), but it’s needing more water than I’d have thought too. I guess the weather isn’t helping, but I think I leave it too long, until the plants are […]

  • Boobok commented on the post, Hot weather 7 years, 5 months ago

    Hi @Lolo, I’m glad to hear that it’s made a difference. That thermometer sounds useful. Our curtains have heat block on them and it’s often hotter behind them. It’d be great to know what the difference is.

  • Hi @Lolo, it sounds like you’ve been busy this holiday. Are the solar curtain liners helping in the hot weather?

    I put a heat vent into our pergola roof not long ago. No vents meant that there was no way for […]

  • Hi everyone, I just noticed that I spelled my username wrong. I suppose you all got the idea anyway, but now I’ve got a picture of the owl in question as my avatar just in case there’s any confusion.

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    @Mark, while we’re on the subject of berries, the Blackbird mightn’t have got the blueberries, but the Silvereyes got in under the netting and grabbed the best of them, so now we’ve taken the netting off and […]

  • Boobok commented on the post, …berries 7 years, 5 months ago

    Hi @Mark, our blackberries are in a hole in the ground all of their own, so there’s nowhere for them to escape to. We’ve put them on a trellis between one of our raised beds and a gravel path. We walk on the path […]

  • Boobok changed their profile picture 7 years, 5 months ago

  • @ScrappyKat It’s good that this week has been so ‘cool’, so that they can settle in. I hope they’re all happy enough in their new home now that the weather’s warming up.

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