• Carol posted an update 7 years, 2 months ago

    Tomorrow is a day doing my leggo ie. putting a dripper system together (purchased necessary components this afternoon)for watering my proposed veggie to reach my goal of planting in Spring. Feeling so good at this next step, so watch this patch as I relay my success as I haven’t done this before. Thank you Paul at Bunnings for walking me through it.

    • Hi Carol
      It’s great to hear that you are putting a dripper system together, I did this a couple of years ago for my whole garden. While it was hard work at the time, it makes life so much easier now. It is also a much more economic use of water.

      • I found out today this is going to be time consuming but how rewarding! The planned veggie patch went better than I expected doing the irrigation system. Might have more worm activity now that I can put some moisture into it. Apprecaite your comments, it is encouraging and will help me persevere. Thanks Joh