• Fixing the windows is an expensive job! As far as cost-effectiveness, I’ve sealed up the gaps around some of my windows & the frames… it’s great not feeling the outside air waft in directly.

    Also, in terms […]

  • Wow, this is a great resource! I’ve always thought it would be great to have all of this information in one spot!

    Also, I’m glad my fav canberra wine ‘Bourke Street’ made it in.

  • Jackie French writes a lot about planting in groves. I think the idea is that trees shelter each other and provide micro-climates. It might be a bit more long term, but here’s a link in case you’re interested (oh, […]

  • Hey @Ecoaction (Hannah)… welcome!

    I haven’t quite started on my sealing air leaks challenge, but I found this cool competition on see-change’s website to find Canberra’s coldest house! I’m thinking I could […]

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    Hey @GreenArno thanks for the tip, I’ve been thinking about getting one although at the moment I feed all our greenwaste to the chooks (who produce very nice fertilizer)!

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    Hi @ecoaction thanks for letting me know about the workshops. I’ll have to come along to the retrofitting one, it’d be great to get some tips on how to do this stuff. It doesn’t sound like it’d be too hard , but […]

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    Hello everyone, I signed up to the Carbon Challenge just before it closed. For a few years now I’ve wanted to make my house more Canberra-proof in winter and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity, as […]

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