• i also am heavily into the freecycle network . i noticed that one of you have already mentioned this site . i strongly recommend this . its all about saving good items from the landfill sites.. Its a world wide site and canberra has a very strong following.

  • i just did the one big switch . has any one here done this and got good results

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    In reply to: Wombat01 commented on the post, Reflections from my final week @Taryn just saw the new aldi catalogue has led light globes which fit into normal sockets only $7.99. If I get there early next Saturday before the no […] View

    wow are these going to be a regular item

  • hey i bought a fantastic new e bike from switched on cycles here in canberra and i now ride 100 ks a week to and from work. My car which runs on gas hardly ever gets started now. I suggest every one looks at a ebike as its so easy to ride and saves heaps of money and no pollution

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