• Genevieve posted an update 7 years, 8 months ago

    Noticing I’m using faaaar less energy to heat my house since I got better window coverings. I also made a door snake to go by the door closest the heater. So far the heater’s been on half what it was last year in similar temperatures (setting doesn’t go above 4, last year it didn’t get below 7 – the highest). Still not finished & looking forward to the bill(!) to see what the actual difference is. It’s definitely a lot more comfortable. Don’t even have to hide under a blanket at night :)

    • Just out of curiosity – what window coverings did you have & what did you change to? It’s our first winter in our house & the heating seems to be on a fair bit… We are looking into making a pelmet (trial run to see how it goes) using the link you posted a couple of weeks ago!

    • Hey @lucinda. I have backed curatins on one window (old and not big enough to really keep the warmth in) and those stupid skinny aluminium venetian blinds on the others. There’s one with nothing that I haven’t covered yet :/.
      I made a swedish blind from a doona i found at the tip shop to go under the curtains. Makes a huge difference because it’s flush against the frame so nothing can escape. I found two cellular/honeycomb blinds (also at the tip shop) and am using those as well. Really noticing it, even with one window uncovered (this weeks target). I’ve also saved up bubble wrap and am going to stick that onto the window beside our front door and possibly the bathroom as well (don’t need to see out of them and will act as an insulating layer. So I still have the heating on at night, but at a much lower level than last winter, and the room feels warmer as well not so many freezing draughts. Happy to help out with any questions you might have if you’re doing similar :)