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    Unfortunately, I have completed only one challenge out of five in six weeks. My attention was distracted by other unnecessary issues. Anyway, once again I am back with great zeal and enthusiasm to make difference.
    I live with my friends in a share accommodation. After convincing them and telling them about the benefits and needs to use efficient…[Read more]

    • @khan I’m impressed you have managed to convince your flat mates to get involved. I found it hard at first with energy saving bulbs but you get used to the different light after a while.

    • @khan We installed a few led lights in recessed fittings in our house to replace the halogen lights. We have had to replace two in less than 1 year. They are bright enough but they are supposed to have a very long life. What sort of lights did you use? Are they the bayonet style to replace the compact fluoros, They where not available when we…[Read more]

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    People should give up eating for a day in a week to keep themselves healthier, happier and longer lived; the idea presented by Mr Ashcroft the geneticists in television program. He argued that if people adopt these practice governments can save huge lot of money in healthcare budgets as well as common health problems like obesity, heart stork,…[Read more]

  • Distressed calls from the workers of the Hume Materials Recovery facility about the use of waste bins echoed in Canberra through Canberra times. It is shocking to know that how many Canberrans are not vigilant in […]

  • It is really a good idea. Combination of the Green Committee and the Environment Centre would highly be productive in terms of future projects. There are lot of ways through which environment of cooperation and […]

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    Ben Phillips from the University of Canberra revealed that “an average Australian will end up with greater net benefit than predicted by the federal government”. According to his research the carbon tax will add less to the cost of every day utilities and benefits announced by the government in terms of support to household expendatures will…[Read more]

  • My visit to “Green Exposure” arranged by the Green Committee of CIT.
    It was like a story of people who were not many in numbers but were committed to bring change. With great spirit without carrying about the end […]

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    CIT Green Exposure was wonderful opportunity to meet interesting people who are making a real difference in everyday life. Unbelievable contribution and achievements in the field of renewable energy sector by the Green Committee of CIT.

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    In reply to: khan posted an update Going to attend Green exposium in CIT. View

    Sorry, I forget to mention about timings. It was at 12:30pm today. Its over now but it was interesting and informative.

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    Going to attend Green exposium in CIT.

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    @joh, It is a dilemma that majority of people knowingly ignore the seriousness of the issue. However, we will try our best to educate who ever we can and will strive to make them realize that problem is genuine and requires prompt action from each of us. We need to be committed. Don’t think that what we do has no effects, keep in mind a common…[Read more]

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    Fear mongers failed. Polls show tax on carbon is not worrying majority of Aussies and has no negative impact on their savings or earnings.

    • Gee how surpising. It’s great to have some data to support it. I didn’t think it would take long.

  • In this world everyone is facing some type of challenges in their lives like, job search, house or maybe a car which they consider the most important thing to achieve in life. However in my opinion people failed […]

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    Norwegian government announced funding for the plantation scheme for depleting forests. Even in Northern parts nurseries have been established where seeds of Pine trees are being provided to local people to grow trees and plant them in forests. However, there is a lot needed to do to make this program successful.

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    I am worried about my home town. People are cutting trees without knowing the effects of their practice on the environment.

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    We need to get some concrete steps to unravel the deteriorating weather situation around the glob.

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