• khan posted an update 7 years, 2 months ago

    People should give up eating for a day in a week to keep themselves healthier, happier and longer lived; the idea presented by Mr Ashcroft the geneticists in television program. He argued that if people adopt these practice governments can save huge lot of money in healthcare budgets as well as common health problems like obesity, heart stork, blindness and kidney failure can be reduced up to minimum.
    I think it is not a bad idea to ponder upon. In this way we can save millions of tons of food wastage. In Australia an average house hold in a year throws more than $1100 of food into waste. According to environment lobby group, Australians throw 4.45 million tons of food every year.
    Less consumption, less wastage equals to less production and results….. Living green and healthier
    I look forward for any comments on this idea