• khan posted an update 7 years, 5 months ago

    Unfortunately, I have completed only one challenge out of five in six weeks. My attention was distracted by other unnecessary issues. Anyway, once again I am back with great zeal and enthusiasm to make difference.
    I live with my friends in a share accommodation. After convincing them and telling them about the benefits and needs to use efficient lights we have changed all the lights in our flat. we are using LED lights. However, my friends are complaining about the brightness of these lights. I forgot to do proper research or to ask someone about the voltage and other related things with these bulbs.

    • @khan I’m impressed you have managed to convince your flat mates to get involved. I found it hard at first with energy saving bulbs but you get used to the different light after a while.

    • @khan We installed a few led lights in recessed fittings in our house to replace the halogen lights. We have had to replace two in less than 1 year. They are bright enough but they are supposed to have a very long life. What sort of lights did you use? Are they the bayonet style to replace the compact fluoros, They where not available when we were looking. Are they very expensive? The trouble with new technology is that it is not fully tested. Perhaps we will see a new wave of retro installation just like when compact flouros came on the market. They should then get cheaper and better.