• Larissa posted an update 7 years, 11 months ago

    Does anyone have advice on composting during a Canberra winter. I have heard I need to keep it quite warm for the break down to start.

    • Hi Larissa.
      I don’t do anything different to mine & it lasts fine. Ours is in a sunny spot though, if you’ve got it in a very cold/shady spot it most likely won’t work so well. Ours is in our garden and does really well all year.

    • Hi @Larissa,
      I moved here from Sydney last year and have not made any adjustments really to my composting habits! As Genevieve mentioned, it might be better to locate your compost bin in a sunny spot to keep it warmer during winter. In summer if it gets too dry, you’ll just need to add water to keep it moist. :)

      • You could add some composting worms to give it a kick start. You can buy them in buckets from Bunnings. I do my composting underground in worm towers, the worms do the trick.