• Larissa posted an update 7 years, 11 months ago

    Ever wondered if there is an alternative to the plastic bags provided for your fruit and vegies at the store. There is!
    Its Get Real Bags. I have been using these drawstring bags for six months or so and they are fantastic. I have never had any trouble at the shops – only compliments. See the link I have added if you are interested.

    • Those bags are great! Its good to see shops making you pay for plastic. Cafes should do the same thing and offer discounts for those who bring in their own mugs of Keep Cups.

    • I have a couple of similar bags, however to make things even simpler I tend to just put my fruit and veg straight into my shopping basket or trolley, unless it’s something loose like mushrooms or grapes… then i’ll use the mesh bags. I started doing this a few years back when a friend mentioned to me that using plastic bags for most fruit and veg was an unneccessary habit shoppers had developed as if you think about it, many fruit and veg come with their own outer layers of protection already (peel, rind, leaves)…