• lucinda posted an update 7 years ago

    Here’s a nice quote that helps remind me that every step I take towards a more sustainable lifestyle helps. It reminds me of the importance of working through the tough times of my challenges – particularly over the last few days when I’ve thought continuing with cloth nappies impossible with the troubles we’ve had getting bub to gain weight & feed properly & the stress that has caused us…

    Anyway, here’s the quote:
    ”If we go around clearing up our own mess and being positive about our own lifestyle, other people will start copying us and picking up their own carbon ’litter’ too”
    Dave Hampton, Carbon Coach

    • Nice quote. Lets hope our friends and neighbours copy us and at least make some effort in reducing our carbon foot print. Just saw the news about the huge ice sheet that has broken off the glacier in Greenland. Its the size of Manhattan!!! Where are those greenhouse sceptics???
      Probably have their heads under the sand.

    • @lucinda excellent quote. It would be nice to think the sceptics might follow some time soon!