• lucinda commented on the post, Propagating Plants 7 years, 1 month ago

    @Joh What plants do you grow from cuttings? I’m only good with getting rosemary & mint to really take… But I haven’t really tried non-food plants.

    • @lucinda There are tngs of plants that can be propagated by cutitng.
      Whiel I haven’ ried it with many fruit and veg, other than Rosemary and mint as you said, I believe that fig trees can be propagated by cutting. In the non-veg side of the garden, fuschia and succulants can be grown by just sitting cuttings in a glass of water for 4-8 weeks. Make sure that you strip the lower leaves off. Once the cutting has a good supply of roots growing, move into some soil. Correa, lavender, hydrangra, gardenia and geranium are all easy plants to grow from cuttings. The Australian Plant Society has a good step-by-step website http://anpsa.org.au/cuttings.html Good Luck

    • @lucinda I have tried propagating cuttings of geranium.You just cut a bit off. Let it dry for a couple of days and stick it in the ground. Irisis are also very easy. You divide up a clump of tubers and replant, Not to deep. Day lilies and agapanthus are also easy to propagate. Just divide and replant. I have also had success with native violets which spread very quickly and love shady spots. If you would like any of the above to try let me know and I can give you some cuttings.