• Thanks @Elleven. Actually we installed ceiling insulation last year. I think its working too, because our roof is very frosty in the mornings – someone told me that if your roof is frosty in the mornings its a […]

  • Hi everyone

    I’ve been doing some digging around the most efficient window dressings, and it seems that honeycomb blinds might be the best option… That seems to make sense to me, as they create an additional […]

  • March posted an update 7 years ago

    Awesome! I’ve been pretty slack with my supermarket-meat-eating habits recently, but looking at some of those meat farmers sites, it seems like it really isn’t any more expensive to get local free-range meat. I think I will clear out the freezer and try one of those bulk buy options (a quarter of a cow – that’s a lot of meat.)

    Does anyone know…[Read more]

  • March wrote a new post, Winter gardens 7 years ago

    Does anyone have tips or experience with protecting frost-sensitive plants? I put in some citrus and a tamarillo during summer, and I’ve set up some plastic covers for them, but wondering if there’s anything else […]

  • March wrote a new post, Herb spiral 7 years ago

    Hey everyone
    Saw this great link about how to make your own herb spiral in pictures… thought those of you who are interested in permaculture stuff and growing more vegies might like it! I think one would look […]

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    Hi @ecoaction that’s great, thanks for letting me know about it. And thanks for finding an Australian product too. GIY is a great website, it’s a wonder I hadn’t heard of it before, but I’ll definitely be visiting […]

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    Hi @Elleven it’s good to have you on board.

    You may not have seen it, but there was a discussion about temporary double glazing a while ago, it was part way down a blog titled ‘Challenges’ by Apples. The best […]

  • Hi @Sriver and @Apples I was there too. Anywhere where you can get garlic, honey mead and great apes all in the one place is fine by me. But seriously, I had a great time wandering around, sampling the goodies on […]

  • Hi @SRiver @Apples and @Ecoaction I’m hoping to get there too, it’s a good fit with all the Earth Hour stuff that’s happening later too.

  • Hi @ScrappyKat

    All those plans sound great. Winter’s a great time for overhauling gardens, since they mostly go to sleep then. So by next Spring you can have the beginnings of something really special.

    Good luck!

  • Hi @ScrappyKat , that sounds really good. Especially planning out a block. We’ve only got a really small garden, but I’ve heard that you can apply permaculture principles even in a courtyard.

    I’d love to put in […]

  • Hi @ScrappyKat the permaculture courses sound really interesting. I’ve heard a bit about permaculture, but I don’t know very much; what would you say was the best thing about the courses themselves?

  • Thanks @ecoaction that looks really interesting. It looks like we’d need a pile of them too @ScrappyKat . I’ve just had a look on the web and you can get individual plugs if you need more. Here’s a link: […]

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  • Hi @SRiver what a good idea! We’ve got an afternoon tea coming up next weekend perhaps we’ll give it a try then, it would be appropriate after all.

    I’ve just been looking through all the recipes a while back, […]

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    Hi @Marg51510 and @SRiver that blow-dried cling film is the stuff I’m after. I want to see what sort of difference it makes before I think about putting the real thing in – temporary or otherwise and this seems […]

  • Hi @Marg51510 that sounds like an interesting gadget in your post, the one from ACTEWAGL ‘that turns off all those nasty standby lights on the TV and everything associated with it.’ It certainly beats burrowing […]

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    Hi @Apples and @Marg51510 I’ve only just started so I’ve not got very far with my challenges so far, but I have started my search for that cling-film-like stuff that you can use instead of double glazing. It’s for […]