• Hi @everyone :-)

    I finished the carbon challenge late last year and I’d been meaning to post about how it went, but, you know, Christmas and then New Year got in the way. Life is getting back to normal now, but […]

  • Woo, hoo! I successfully made decorations using old Christmas cards – just cutting out pictures and sticking together stars – and then strung them on red crepe streamers (I know, I know, crepe paper isn’t very […]

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    @Boobok that sounds like a good way of keeping blackberries under control.

    We kept some in a pot once, but we got rid of the saucer underneath it to get better drainage, and for months after we were digging […]

  • Mark commented on the post, …berries 7 years, 6 months ago

    Hi @Boobok. I know that blackberries have a tendency to become weedy (actually they’re hard to stop, even a bit of twig in the ground will sprout). I’d be very interested to know how you keep your blackberries under control?

  • @Skybluesusan I agree about the great weather. I had thought that summer was here for good, so the break back to cooler weather is very welcome. The garden likes it too, although I’m not sure what some of the […]

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    Hi @Skybluesusan Wow! Definitely a more sustainable day. I’d be interested to know what you thought about the electric cars. Do you think they’ll be a reasonable option any time soon? And did they mention anything […]

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    Thanks @Tracey, I’ll let you know how we go. But what will life be like without having to get up early to do the watering? Imagine having to spend the time pottering in the garden instead: terrible ;-)

  • Hi @Tracey. I’ve been to a few places like that too – made of natural materials and sometimes made by the owner’s hands too – and it’s strange how you can feel the difference between them and most other houses. […]

  • Hi @quietpurpletiger, those all sound like good ideas. I particularly like using kids’ artworks as wrapping paper. Hand-made wrapping paper, maybe even signed by the artists themselves. How good would that be?

  • Mark commented on the post, wicking pots 7 years, 6 months ago

    Thanks @Tracey, that sounds like it works a treat. We’ve got the sand now and we’re looking at using some old self-watering troughs (once the lettuce is finished). But we’ve got an old bucket too, and some spare […]

  • We’ll be sourcing a tree from among the pots in the garden. It won’t be a conifer (an olive perhaps, or maybe our bay tree or blueberry), but when it’s done its job we’ll put it back and enjoy it outdoors. Until […]

  • Mark posted an update 7 years, 6 months ago

    I’m going to try making more gifts for people. And we’re going to use last year’s Christmas cards to make this year’s decorations -all we need is a star-shaped paper cutter.

  • @Tracey It’s best if you block the heat out before it gets in the house. An outside blind is good for that sort of thing. Or anything that keeps the sun from hitting the glass.

    Bubble wrap should help, but what […]

  • Mark commented on the post, wicking pots 7 years, 6 months ago

    Hi @Tracey. How much soil does a wicking pot keep damp? I’ve heard that it works for about a foot (or 30cm), are you finding that holds true?

  • @anna21 I don’t know of any sure-fire way of getting rid of them other than pulling them out by hand, but the reason they’ve done so well is probably due to the cool wet years we’ve had (our native violets have […]

  • @ecoaction As far as getting out and about is concerned I’d like to start exploring the Canberra Centenary Trail. It’s not due to open until mid next year, but large parts of it are walkable now.

    I like the […]