• Naomi posted an update 7 years, 11 months ago

    Apparently freezing herbs is also effective in maintaining flavour for winter cooking. Haven’t had much success in maintaining flavour when drying herbs in the oven, so instead I harvested loads of beautiful basil leaves to freeze in snap lock bags. Enough to share some with family too. Some good pasta dishes and pizza are in store for winter to use my basil and frozen home grown tomatos too.

    Next up, harvesting taragon and oregano.

    • How does freezing the tomatoes work for you? I had an abundance this year – some went to waste. Do you do anything special to them?
      I like your idea about freezing the basil. I think I might just do that with my liquorice basil.

      • Freezing tomatoes works really well. I take the skin off regular tomatoes (piercing the skin and dunking in a bowl of boiling water helps), but don’t worry for cherry tomatoes. I freeze some whole and use in place of tinned tomatoes for bolognaise / other pasta or caserole dishes. I have also simmered some with herbs and frozen that way so I can use them for pizza base, or just to eat on toast. Makes for lots of easy meals! Definitely worth doing.

        I was talking to a guy in the lunchroom at work a few weeks ago and he was eating home grown, home sun dried tomatoes. Apparently he ”sun-dried” really slowly in the oven and then marinated them in olive oil and a splash of balsamic.
        I will definitely give that a go too next year!

        • By the way Larissa, what do you use your liquorice basil for? I haven’t ever seen it, sounds very cool!