• Naomi posted an update 7 years, 11 months ago

    Highly recommend growing beans…you don’t need much room, they are a great example of verticle gardening. I only planted mine a little over a month ago and they grow so fast! I have mine growing up a bamboo pyramid (from bunnings) and that wasn’t tall enough, so I am now training them along my clothesline.
    The plant is covered in flowers and I already have beans to pick in the next day or so.

    Bought some broad beans on the weekend too, so need to get those in the ground.

    • Its great to hear your beans are growing so well! Today I bough broad beans and snap peas to plant on the weekend.

      • Beans are in! Can’t wait until I can harvest them.

        • That’s great! It won’t be long. I ate my first on the weekend, they are really good. You realise how old the beans must be from the shops, they don’t have the same crispness.

          • Hi Larissa

            How are your broad beans growing? Mine seem to be fairly slow going so far. Are you growing yours up a frame or anything? I haven’t grown them before, so hoping for success!